Tips For A Healthy New Year

Happy New Year! Or shall we say, Healthy New Year!

With the New Year in sight, an opportunity arises for a fresh beginning. For many, a new resolution awaits for others old resolutions come back to life. Whatever the case, year on year we sit down with our notepads and pen down our goals. This year, we thought of making it simple and sharing not a resolution but a plan so simple that would want to follow.

  • Don’t skip your breakfast

Make it a ritual like brushing your teeth in the morning to never skip breakfast. Not only does a good and healthy breakfast keep you energised, it helps towards reducing weight, high blood pressure and lowers the risk of heart diseases and diabetes in the long term.
Include various fruits and vegetables or mix them up to make some fresh juice. As a good source of protein, add eggs to your breakfast to stay full and active.

  • Move around

If regular exercise isn’t your cup of tea mix it up with various activities. While at work have a walk around every hour, pick a sport, skip a rope, the goal is to stay indulged and motivated. Not only will it help reduce stress from either work or studies it will lead towards a healthier and fitter life.

  • Make superfoods your super friends

Superfoods are a range of superior foods that are basically packed with higher than average concentration of nutrients. They nourish your body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Replace your cravings with nuts, fruits and berries, if you crave chocolate go for dark chocolate instead. You can read more about superfoods in our blog here.

  • Change your cookware. Change your life.

A healthy lifestyle includes healthy food but would it still be considered healthy if more than half of the nutrients are lost before consumption? In traditional cooking, we tend to reach temperatures so high that our healthy food is no longer as healthy as it was before cooking. Go for a cookware that offers a sturdy 5-ply surgical stainless steel construction such as in Royal Prestige® where your nutrients stay intact and you get to taste the sweetness of your meals. Not only does Royal Prestige® offer maximum nutrition, it protects you from harmful chemicals that leach into your food when cooked in non-stick, cast iron or aluminium cookware. Royal Prestige® is the perfect choice for those seeking a healthy lifestyle!

If you are looking forward to Healthy New Year make sure you enjoy every aspect of it. May it be cooking healthy meals or choosing a sport as an exercise, it is crucial that you enjoy what to choose to stay motivate in the long run. In the end, resolutions may break but a simple plan made by you for you will ensure results better than anything you could imagine.

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