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What is oil-free cooking?
With Royal Prestige® cookware, you can cook all types of meat, poultry and some types of fish without any added ghee, fat or even a drop of cooking oil. For more information please view the ‘Benefits’ of using Royal Prestige® cookware.

What is waterless cooking?
The Royal Prestige® cookware is designed for all types of cooking; it is specially designed for low moisture cooking also known as “waterless” cooking. For more information please view the ‘Benefits’ of using Royal Prestige® cookware.

What is a vapour seal?
Each individual piece has been specially designed to form a “vapour seal” with its cover. This seal is the relationship between the cover and the pan when the food in the pan is cooking at the right temperature. The seal prevents vapour from escaping and the moisture drops back into the pan cooking the food thoroughly.

To form this seal, put the pan on medium flame with the cover in place. When the Redi-Temp® valve whistles, reduce the flame to a lower temperature setting.If steam escapes from around the cover, the temperature setting is too high – reduce the setting.

Lifting the cover will break the vapour seal, increasing the cooking time considerably. This is because each time this happens, the seal must be formed again. When checking food, lift the cover enough just to insert a fork to see if the food is sufficiently cooked. If the food is not completely cooked, place the cover back as quickly as possible and turn the heat up to medium for about a minute to re-form the seal. Rest it on a low flame and continue cooking. Occasionally after cooking, the cover may have a tight vapour seal and would be difficult to remove. If this happens, simply open the Redi-Temp® valve and wait until the cover loosens.
All you need to know is medium-click-low!

What is a Redi-Temp® valve?
Redi-Temp® is a valve placed on the covers of Royal Prestige® cookware. It takes the guesswork out of cooking when the cooking temperature inside the cookware reaches 82°C/180°F. That is when the Redi-Temp® valve will sound much like a teakettle. You can be in the other room and you will know when the proper cooking temperature is achieved. When the whistle is heard, it means it is time to close the Redi-Temp® valve and turn the stove to a low flame or turn it off. The construction of Royal Prestige® cookware and the vapour seal covers retains the heat so well, that the foods will finish getting cooked with the heat the cookware retained even when the stove is turned off. This way you can minimise the energy consumption by using medium heat for a few minutes and then turning the stove off, versus keeping it on a medium-high to high heat setting throughout your entire cooking process.

Why is the cookware called a multi-cooking and multi-cuisine system?
Royal Prestige® cookware is specially designed to cook a variety of cuisines. You can cook, stew, bake, roast, shallow fry, deep fry or steam. It also features stack cooking which allows preparation of several foods at one time by stacking multiple units on a single stove.

What does the warranty cover? Are there any exclusions?
Royal Prestige® warrants that the products will be free from defects in material and workmanship and will not permanently stain, rust, chip, melt, break or crack for 50 years from the date of purchase. The only exception to the warranty is the InnoveTM Silichromatic RingTM, which has a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase.

The warranty will cover only normal household use, for example, the warranty will be void if the product gets damaged by neglect or improper assembly, maintenance, or servicing, or repair by unauthorised persons or used for commercial purposes.

Does cooking in Royal Prestige® take more time than a normal cookware due to its thickness?
No, cooking in Royal Prestige® takes comparatively less time because of the superior built and 5-layered sturdy construction that ensures even heat distribution and retention. This accelerates the cooking process.

How do I know if the cookware is sufficiently preheated?
While preheating, it is recommended to use the medium heat setting for 2-4 minutes before adding foods. Perform this simple test to determine if your pan is pre-heated correctly.
• Add a few water droplets to the pan.
• If the water droplets sizzle and bounce then the pan is pre-heated.
• If they immediately disappear, this is a sign that the cookware is not ready to be used.
• If the droplets do not sizzle and bounce then pre-heat for a minute or two longer before adding foods.

Does it matter what size pan or cover I use?
Yes, choose a pan size that is appropriate for the amount of food that is being prepared; ideally, the pan should be 2/3rd full. Always use the cover that is intended for the specific pan that is being used.

Which stove should I choose?
You should use an induction stove, similar in diameter to the pan that is being used. If cooking on a gas stove, the flame should just touch the bottom of the utensil.

What is the right temperature setting for the stove?
Due to the quality construction of Royal Prestige® cookware, a low to medium heat setting is recommended for most cooking needs. A higher heat setting should only be used when necessary, such as when bringing liquids to a boil. When using an induction stove, the diameter of the range heat element should be similar to the pan. When using a gas range, adjust the flame so it does not extend up and around the sides of the pan.
If the pan is accidentally overheated, it is recommended that the stove be turned off and the cookware not be used until it is completely cooled. In the event that something does burn, it indicates that the medium heat setting was too high. Simply reduce it for next time.

When using a pot with the Redi-Temp® valve, how do I know I am reducing the temperature properly?
Temperatures can vary from one stove to another. In general, when the valve whistles you should reduce the heat to low and wait until the valve stops whistling before closing it. If while you are cooking, there is no steam coming out, you need to slightly increase the temperature. If instead, you find that excessive steam is leaking, you should slightly lower the temperature. Remember that the key is that there should be an occasional escape of steam.

What should I do to ensure that the Redi-Temp® valve works properly?
To make sure the Redi-Temp® valve keeps working properly, every time you wash your cookware, place the cover under the faucet, and let water run through the open valve.

Why is the cover of the cookware not coming off?
After cooking, there may be a tight water seal between the pan and cover. Do not pry the lid off. Simply open the Redi-Temp® valve to equalize pressure and the cover can then be removed easily. Always tilt the cover away from you to avoid steam burns.

Can I use the cookware on an induction stove?
Yes, it is compatible on an induction stove.

Can I clean my cookware in a dishwasher?
Yes, your cookware is dish washer safe.

Can the cookware be used in the microwave?
No, never use your cookware in the microwave.

Can I use my cookware in an oven?
Yes, make sure you preheat the oven completely before placing the cookware inside an oven and never use a temperature higher than 204°C/400°F. Also, be sure to use oven mitts when using the cookware in the oven.

Can I store food in my cookware?
No,storing food in the cookware for more than 2-3 hours may cause the cookware to stain or pit due to the salts, fats, seasonings and acids present in the food. Storing food could be considered improper use and void the warranty.

How can I be sure that Royal Prestige® products do not react with the food?
The innermost layer of Royal Prestige® is made-up AISI 304 grade surgical stainless steel. This grade is completely inert and does not react with food. A simple baking soda test can be conducted at home to verify the same.

What is a Baking Soda Test?
This is a simple test done to test the toxicity of your cookware. It helps you check whether toxic elements that leach out of the cookware are altering the natural taste, flavours and nutrients of your cooked meals.

How to conduct baking soda test?
• Take a 250 ml glass of water and stir a tablespoon of baking soda (sodium bi-carbonate) into the water thoroughly.
• Taste a spoonful of the mixture.
• Pour the mixture into your cookware and bring it to a boil for 5 minutes.
• Turn off the heat, then take a teaspoon of the mixture from the cookware.
• Blow it cool and taste the mixture again.