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All features are not applicable to 5-Ply and InnoveTM. Please see the Royal Prestige® product comparison chart to know more.


Sturdy Construction

Royal Prestige® cookware is constructed with five layers of metals – three layers of aluminium sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel.

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Redi-Temp® Valve

The exclusive cylindrical valve signals when the cooking temperature reaches about 180F / 82C – the ideal temperature to kill germs and bacteria, which may be on the food, without destroying all heat-sensitive nutrients. This helps maximise the nutritional value of your meals.


50-Year Warranty

Royal Prestige® cookware is backed by an extraordinary 50-year international warranty, from the date of purchase, against any staining, rusting, chipping, melting, breaking or cracking.


Versatile Covers

The vapour seal created by versatile covers, seals the moisture of your food to help retain the flavour and nutrients, and also reduces the cooking time.


Multi-Cooktop Compatible

Royal Prestige® cookware can we used on gas, electric or induction cooktops. Some individual pieces, like the 5-Ply saucepans and skillets, as well as the InnoveTM pieces with detachable handles, can resist temperatures of up to 400°F/204°C, and can be used in the oven. This allows you to cook and bake conveniently.


Dishwasher Safe

Royal Prestige® cookware is dishwasher-safe makes the cleaning process easier especially when it comes to those hard to-clean spots.

Royal Prestige 5-ply SureGrip Handles slider

SureGripTM Handles

The modern ergonomic handles are heat-resistant and easy to clean.

Royal Prestige Versatile Handles

Versatile Handles

The InnoveTM handles are detachable and interchangeable. This not only allows placing several pots inside the dishwasher, but also facilitates storage in drawers and shelves. In addition, these handles are heat-resistant – enduring a temperature of up to 400°F/204°C.

Royal Prestige Innove Silichromatic Ring slider

Silichromatic RingTM

The Silichromatic RingTM seals the steam inside the cookware to retain moisture and flavour of meals. The rings are also available in interchangeable colours to match your kitchen’s décor.

Royal Prestige Innove Moisture Control Window slider

Moisture Control Window

The InnoveTM moisture control window allows you to monitor the moisture of your meals, without constantly removing the cover.

Royal Prestige Innove Storage slider

Efficient Storage

The InnoveTM handles can be easily detached to optimise storage space in small drawers or shelves.

Royal Prestige Innove Trivet LID slider


The convenient design allows the cover to be used as trivets, which helps prevent placing hot saucepans on delicate surfaces.