Is The Iron From Your Iron Utensils Good?

Iron utensils or the traditional “kadai” has been a reliable cooking tool for over a thousand years. A few theories suggest that cooking in iron cookware enriches the food with iron, while others suggest the opposite. Hence, the question arises – Is the iron from our cookware safe to consume?

The big question is if this is a fact or fallacy, though before we get there, it is vital to understand why iron holds such an importance.

What’s the buzz about ‘Iron’?

Iron is an essential nutrient that primarily helps in the production of blood and helps in the reproduction of energy in our body. That is why the lack of iron, also known as iron deficiency, makes us feel fatigued or tired. The iron requirements of our body must be met by the consumption of iron-rich foods (animal or plant-based) and not by the consumption of a metallic form of iron that comes out of our cookware.

Have your friends or family complained about frequent stomach aches and nausea?

If the answer is yes, and the most used cookware in their kitchen is an iron cookware, then a good guess is that they have an overload of iron in the body.

A lot of people who consume food cooked in iron cookware’s are prone to diseases, which may lead to symptoms like diarrhea, hemorrhage and nausea. The iron we gain from foods cooked in an iron cookware or iron kadai can tremendously increase the iron levels in our bodies and thereby cause toxicities. The longer we cook those foods in an iron cookware, especially with frequent stirring, the greater is the harm caused to our bodies.

How do you know when your body has an overload of iron?

Excess Iron in the body_v2

These conditions are an outcome of iron toxicity caused by excessive iron content in our food. It is important to note that, excess iron increases the chances of cancer and can severely damage the heart, arteries and other organs. In addition, people with an inherited condition called haemochromatosis, or iron overload disease, suffer more. Most people view iron as a nutrient – a key element for blood production, and indeed it is. However, this iron requirement should be met by iron rich foods and not through our cookware.

The solution? Switch to surgical stainless steel cookware!

Instead of taking a health risk by relying on iron cookware for your iron consumption, it is safer to get the nutrients from iron-rich foods. To avoid the ill effect, it is recommended that one uses surgical stainless steel cookware for daily cooking.

Cookware made from the highest and safest grade of surgical stainless steel provides a unique and proven waterless and oil-free cooking method, that not only maximizes the nutritional value and flavor of your meal but also protects your meals from harmful metals.

If you are curious and want to find out whether your cookware is passing harmful contaminants into your food, take the baking soda test today. And the next time you enter your kitchen, remember to #CookEatLiveHealthy!

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