Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Father’s Day

This Father’s Day crack open your morning with a healthy, nutritious breakfast that are dad and kid-friendly. These easy and yummy breakfast recipe ideas will surely hit the spot and let the men in your world know just how much you appreciate them!

Eggs and Toast

Fathers Day Egg Recipe

The manliest breakfast you’d know – the perfectly fried egg sunny side up, with not much of an effort. Temp his taste buds adding some bacon and sausages to it, totally yummy! This is sure to bring a big smile on his face early morning. You can also try it with the poached, scrambled, and hard boiled eggs or even a fancy egg in a hole. These are simple and easy recipes for the young ones as well who want to chip in to make the day special.

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Masala Omelette

Fathers Day Masala Omelette Recipes

How can we not include everyone’s all-time favourite – the Masala Omelette. It is one of the easiest Indian breakfast recipe that is sure to pep-up Dad’s breakfast in style. Making an omelette is never rocket science but its just the mix and match of ingredients that make the omelette delicious. Serve some veggies and toasted bread on the side with your fluffy masala omelette to add that special touch.

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Traditional Pancakes

Fathers Day Pancake Recipes

Who doesn’t love traditional pancakes with either honey or maple syrup? Unleash your dad’s inner child and make him a delicious pancake, serve-up with his favourite fresh fruits for a healthier choice. Mixed fruit pancakes are among children’s favourite, and they absolutely love hiding the fruit inside the pancake.

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Fathers Day Dosa Recipe

This South Indian Masala dosa whirled into a crepe is an extra-easy common classic delicacy. Add a potato filling to it, making this Indian crepe a perfect fare for breakfast on Father’s Day, served with coconut chutney. The uniquely balance dish between traditional, wrapped in modern style would be the perfect breakfast meal.

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Mango Smoothie

Fathers Day Mango Smoothie Recipe

While your dad takes the load off his feet, we’ve got you covered with the perfect option for this, goes along with the breakfast prepared. A ‘Mango smoothie’ can surely make your dad feel extra special. Shhh… and the yummy and delicious smoothie is a healthy pick your dad won’t even know you’ve thought about it.

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The ultimate fit recipes for Father’s Day is the perfect guide to help your dad start his day in a healthy and nutritious way.

So what would you be serving up your dad for brekky this Father’s Day?






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