Royal Prestige® Cookware = More Nutrition

Getting more nutrition are the topmost priority for the health of our families. We make sure that we source our fruits and vegetables from the most hygienic places and often opt for organic ingredients feeling content about all that nutritional goodness we plan to offer in our family meals. However, we rarely chalk out productive cooking methods to make the most of these ingredients and get the ‘well-balanced’ diet we so deserve!

A recap on enemies of nutrition retention

The way we choose to cook our food has a direct impact and major effect on the amount of nutrients we get. While cooking improves digestion, several key nutrients are destroyed by heat, water, and time – the biggest enemies of nutrition

Enemies of Nutrition

How does Royal Prestige® retain more nutrients?

Royal Prestige® tackles each of the enemies of nutrition and helps you cook at an optimum temperature, without any water and in minimal time. Thanks to its superior quality construction (made of surgical stainless steel), Redi-Temp® valve, and vapour seal, this cookware can retain more nutrients giving you the maximum nutrition.

When we say this it does not explain much, does it? To understand this lets dig a little deeper.

The 5ply sturdy construction helps cook faster and without oil or water
  • The 5-layered construct that includes three layers of aluminium (an excellent conductor of heat) in the middle enables fast and even heat distribution for superior cooking. This way, the vegetables on top cook just as fast as those on the bottom even at low temperatures. This type of construction enables oil free and waterless cooking.
  • The sturdy construction also allows one to cook vegetables and meat without a single drop of oil or butter (and no, the food won’t burn nor will the cookware stain!). How? Well, the superior built of the cookware allows for all the natural fats to be rendered from the meat. This way your cooked meals will have a much lower amount of unwanted fats making them healthier.
  • There is no need to add and drain off water. Without using water, the water-soluble vitamins are not lost or evaporated maintaining the optimal amount of vitamins and nutrients in foods while also protecting the natural flavour of the ingredients.
The Redi-Temp® valve ensures all the heat sensitive nutrients are retained

 This valve whistles when the food within reaches a cooking temperature of 82oC – an ideal temperature to kill the bacteria and prevent nutrition loss. It also works as a signal for us to lower the flame or turn it off completely. Cooking is more efficient and cooking time is reduced substantially. Royal Prestige® cookware takes the guesswork away from cooking, so no more pot watching or stirring!

The vapour seal makes low heat cooking with minimal use of water or oil possible

This is a water seal between the cover and the surgical stainless steel cookware. The seal holds the heat in the pan so that steam and juices are unable to escape and an infused steam environment is formed within the cookware. This allows for low heat cooking and minimal use of water and oil, retaining valuable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavours, and colours.

Convinced? If not, do have a look at the study made by Covance Laboratories that showed that Royal Prestige® cookware retained more vitamins and proteins as compared to traditional cookware. More information on this research can be found here.

Change your cookware and switch to steel

We’re all looking for ways to live a healthy lifestyle or trying to eat ‘healthier’ – either by force or by choice. Yet we choose to ignore how cooking methods or a cookware affects our nutritional intake and health. So why choose surgical stainless steel?


Take the right step and invest in your health. Eat well and switch to steel!





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