Mommalicious- With Chef Rakhee Vaswani and Royal Prestige®

As the weekend rose to a start we set ourselves to a Mommalicious Saturday. What is Mommalicious we hear you ask? Well here goes, we invited mommies to gather over at Chef Rakhee Vaswani’s Palate Culinary Studio to learn about cooking healthy yet delicious meals for their kids. An addition to that, they got a chance to have a one on one on how cooking in Royal Prestige® could change their lives for a healthier tomorrow.

Over time we have realised that when mothers are expecting, they take the terms ‘health and nutrition’ to a whole new level. Mothers want the best for their kids and good nutrition is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. So what makes health and nutrition important?

  • The fact that what your child eats today impacts their health throughout adolescence and adulthood.
  • That consuming nutritious food helps your children grow, develop and nurture physical and mental health
  • Most importantly good nutrition helps prevent child and teen issues like eating disorders, obesity, dental cavities and deficiencies.

One of the alarming issues mothers currently face is obesity in children and the adverse health effects that can impact them in the long term. It is, therefore, crucial to take a step towards a healthy lifestyle to prevent any future ailments. We hear a lot about the importance of eating food that is organic and free of pesticides but conversations like these dry out easily. Eating healthy food is all well and good but none of us ever consider about the cookware we use to prepare our meals. It is of utmost importance that we choose a safe and healthy cookware that does not leech materials like the chemicals found in non-stick and aluminium into the food we eat. That’s where Royal Prestige® comes into place.

When mommies started to gather at Palate Culinary Studio we introduced them to the baking soda test using daily household cookware against Royal Prestige®. Upon tasting the water, the mommies were both stunned and surprised when they tasted a metallic tinge compared a normal salty taste found in Royal Prestige® cookware. The test was an eye opener as it proved that daily used cookware leeched its chemicals into the water.

[Insert Picture of mommies during baking soda test]

After understanding the important of cooking in Royal Prestige®, Chef Rakhee took to the stage and prepared a maida free, no butter or oil white sauce to accompany the Quinoa Bruschetta. The bruschetta was a simple dish loaded with nutrients that kids would love without realising that the entire dish was cooked in a healthy manner. As the mommies tucked into the bruschetta, Chef Rakhee prepared an oil-free Vegetable Daliya Upma in a matter of minutes. “Never thought we could roast mustard seeds without oil or ghee and get the same aroma and flavour”- the mommies were surprised to see Chef Rakhee using neither oil nor ghee to roast the seeds for the Vegetable Daliya Upma. This was possible due to the sturdy 5-ply construction of Royal Prestige® that not only gives an even heat distribution but saves both time and energy. No meal is complete without a dessert and that’s when the mommies were introduced to a delicious ghee free Suji Halwa. To everyone’s delight, the food was relished without an ounce of guilt lingering in their minds.

The era of eating simple home cooked meals is long gone and mothers over time have had to evolve themselves to present their kids with meals that are fancy. It is often seen that fancy foods are not the best examples of healthy and nutritious but that is exactly what we wanted to change. A meal can be both healthy and delicious and with Royal Prestige® you can be assured that it is chemical free. So let your kitchen turn gourmet every day!

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